City Guides


Def do 1-5 on the same day.

  1. Colosseum & Forums & Pantheon
    1. Opens at 8:30 buy tickets at Palantine/ Forum if Colliseum is busy. Buying tickets at these two ticket booths will gain you access to ALL THREE SITES, and there are never lines at Palantine/ Forum.
    2. Once you have tickets to the Colliseum, you can skip the line, you just have to wait to go through security.
  2. Roma Capitale Building
    1. After doing the coliseum I suggest walking like five/ten minutes to the Roma Capitale Building. Its worth it and entrance is free, and if you walk on both balconies you get great views of the city.
    2. For you cheapos out there who don’t feel like spending the 14 euro to enter the Colliseum, the left balcony of the Capitale building gives you a direct view of the outside façade of the Colliseum.
  3. Via Del Corso
    1. After finishing at the Capitale building, walk directly straight ahead onto Via Del Corso.
    2. This is the main shopping street.
    3. Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain are nestled to the right of the Via Del Corso amongst all of the main brands.
  4. Pantheon
    1. Its free to enter and its amazing.
    2. My favorite part of it was seeing Raphael’s tomb and this chilling inscription:

ILLE HIC EST RAPHAEL TIMUIT QUO SOSPITE VINCI / RERUM MAGNA PARENS ET MORIENTE MORI, meaning “Here lies Raphael, by whom the mother of all things (Nature) feared to be overcome while he was living, and while he was dying, herself to die”

  1. San Luigi dei Francesci
    1. This is a church right by the Pantheon, like a five minute walk.
    2. Its free to get in, and houses gorgeous frescos by the famous artist Caravaggio.
  1. Vatican
    1. Includes St. Peter’s Basilica,the Square of St. Peter, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum
    2. Buy tickets online for the Vatican museum, you get a student discount (I think), and this will gain you access to the Sistine chapel as well. I recommend allocating at least three hours to the Vatican. The Museum is huge, super interesting, and you have to walk through it to get to the Sistine chapel.
    3. For St. Peter’s Basilica, your best bet is to get there super early in the morning. Consider an hour or less wait, the most ideal waiting time. Anything less is a Vatican miracle.
    4. If you walk straight out of St. Peter’s square and follow the road, you will come to this really charming part of the city which is in the direction of the Piazza del Popolo. You know you’re going in the right direction if you pass the Castel de Sant’Angelo.
  2. Borghese Gardens and Gallery- Villa Medici- Piazza del Popolo
    1. I was told the Galleria Borghese is amahzing!!! I’m so mad I didn’t get to go, but you have to book your tickets in advance. You can do it online, and I think there is a student discount as well.
    2. In addition, at the other end of the gardens is the Piazza del Popolo, its so georgoues and on the side that the Villa Medici is on. Def go, also there is this awesome leather shop around there called Carucci. Def google maps Carucci it’s this 113 year old leather shop that sells great bags and shoes, a little more mature but I would still go because the prices are awesome.


Dar Poeta (Trastevere)

  • I didn’t get to go but was told the Pizza is amazing

Hostaria del Moro da Tony (Trastevere)

Also didn’t get to go here, but it’s a favorite amongst study abroad students because its cheap and good.

La Carbonara

-Really good pasta, get the carbonara or the gnocchi (gnocchi was da bomb)

Armands al Pantheon

– Reserve ASAP. I wasn’t able to get a reservation because they were all booked. Veal dishes on fleek.

Da Massi (trastavere)

-They have amazing pasta as well, I forget what I got but it was one of the house specialties.


-Right up the street from g-bar. This place is brand new and superrrrrr yummy. Get the baccaburger or pan mare (it may be called something else but basically its swordfish on blackbread). Their sandwiches are so freaking delish and they make their own bread.


  • La Gelateria Frigidarium-
  • Gromms
  • Gelataria del Teatro
  • La Gelateria Oldbridge

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