photo 3

This picture is all you need to know about my life…

Too broke to even take out cover from an ATM…

Jk some dude saw us sitting there and gave us a twenty out of pity.


Me and my lovely mother

But in all honesty, my name is Miller, a rising senior at the lovely University of Maryland, College Park. Interests include: salmon, sweet potatoes, rock climbing, clothing, fancy pants restaurants, and especially fancy pants people (hoping the class will come to me via some sort of trans-material osmosis). I have been passionate about clothing since I started a jewelry company all the way back during my sophomore year of high school. Although it failed miserably, it gave me a taste for the “haute” life.  Anyways, now I am a history major with an internship background in sales, marketing, and PR. I truly have a passion for fashion, and started this blog to not only help me mature my style, but hopefully impart whatever wisdom I pick up along the way.

I am often found wandering the streets of DC, forced to wash cars along New York Ave in order to support my Barney’s habits… Otherwise I’m usually just waiting in line at G-town cupcake, or when I can’t get my red velvet on, I’m across the street stuffing my face with macaroons.

Message me if you would like to know more.


Shopping  and Fashion

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